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The correlation of flowers and natural beauty relates all the way back to the era of Egypt’s most sought after beauty queen, Cleopatra. She utilized natural oils, colors and fragrances from some of the most treasured herbs on earth, including rose, chamomile, and lavender. The Egyptian people were also one of the first known cultures to incorporate the alluring beauty of flowers into their traditional and decorative practices. Flowers were seen to have a powerful significance in sacred ceremonies, while also providing luxurious aromas and captivating appearances. Aside from the Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese also used the flowers to benefit their inner beauty + outer wellness.

     At Vibe Botanics, we believe Mother Nature knows best and strive to bring pure nature to you. We believe that when you incorporate nature into your self-care routine, it brings about a sweeping sense of fulfillment. This fulfillment is the same that one would receive from spending time in nature such as a flower garden or a forest, a proven stress reducer, and aids in balancing ones life. Using Mother Nature’s creations as the superstar ingredients in our skin care products naturally enhances them and brings you as close to nature as you can get while tantalizing your senses with the beauty of pure nature.

     We currently utilize over 20 different floral botanicals in our bath + body + beauty products. A few of our most sacred are rose, chamomile, hibiscus, helichrysum, blue tansy, calendula, jasmine, hibiscus, and sunflower. Each comes with its own unique properties. For example, rose, the flower of love, helps rejuvenate and replenish skin while calming the mind. It has tremendous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and contains high amounts of antioxidants (Vitamin C). Chamomile has been proved to promote sleep, soothe upset stomachs, and calm anxiety while leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation. Helichrysum is a flower from the daisy and sunflower family and is abundant in healing properties - one of the most miraculous being its ability to regenerate and protect skin, while helping to prevent scar tissue from forming. To learn more about the wide variety of benefits that these beauty botanicals contain, please visit If you are looking to incorporate floral botanics into your skin care routine, we recommend that you start with our Herbal Essence Hydrating Facial Steam, Sweet Dreams Hydrating Oil or Flower Power Facial Oil. All are designed to indulge the senses and embrace the true power and beauty of flowers making them a wonderful addition to anyones self-care routine!


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