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How to Properly Care for All Natural Beauty Products

     Here at Vibe Botanics, our products are 100% all natural, which means they are able to work wonders on the body while utilizing fewer ingredients, and absolutely no chemical preservatives, synthetics, toxins, or parabens. Since our ingredients are so pure, they require different methods of care than most conventional, store-bought, and chemically preserved products. To get the very most out of your organic products, we recommend that you follow a few simple guidelines.

     First, begin by studying your products’ ingredient lists. If the list contains any fragrances, parabens, sulfates, SLS, or SLSA (sodium laurel sulfates), avoid the product if seeking an all natural skincare and beauty routine. If you are ever unsure about an item on your product’s ingredient list, or would like to know more about the all natural beauty world’s ingredient standards, please visit Today, skin safe ingredients that are trending in the all natural beauty industry include rosehip, jojoba, hemp, activated charcoal, frankincense, and lavender. We utilize all of these ingredients + many more in our all natural bath care, body care, and beauty care products.

     Once you feel confident and comfortable with the fundamentals of your products, seek out a cool, dark place to store them, where little to no sunlight can reach them. Strong light has the ability to alter all natural products. In addition, it is ideal for these products to maintain a consistent, average temperature. Keep them out of the heat, and avoid allowing them to fluctuate in temperature. Be careful not to leave products or containers in a hot car, or outside under warm outdoor conditions. Lastly, certain all natural products, such as our RELAX + Lavender Shea Sugar Scrub, that contain are subject to water contamination must not come in contact with water. If contact occurs, water has the ability to introduce an environment that bacteria can grow in. To avoid water contamination, use an applicator, such as a scoop or spoon, to remove the product.

     Following these recommendations will enable your all natural products to perform at their utmost ability. They will maintain their texture, consistency viability, aroma, and radiant results.

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