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Mindful beauty is a term that describes the connection between the conscious mind and the physical body. While it stands alone as its own concept, it is also practiced as the act of staying mindful throughout your everyday beauty ritual and routine. Mindful beauty is a key component to creating total body wellness as it enhances not only our physical state but also our mind/body connection. Today’s women and future generations are facing more mental struggles than ever before. Our schedules get busier by the day, and as we continue to progress as a collective, we are constantly creating more and more to keep up with. Stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and insomnia are all side effects of our chaotic lives.

     The mind is a powerful part of each human being. It has just as much potential to do harm with negative thoughts, as it has to do good with positive thoughts. Thousands upon thousands of thoughts cross our minds each day. They affect how we act, how we feel, what we say, how we interpret stimuli, how we live, what we eat, and much more as it forms our personal perception.

     Practicing mindfulness is the key to activating our inner wellness + outer beauty. It has been proven that most mindful exercises utilize all five senses – taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. Touch and smell are easily triggered with the use of Vibe’s ( all natural beauty products. They contain an abundance of essential oils, which emit natural aromas that have been proven to balance and ease the restless mind. Our sense of touch plays a major role in beauty practices and is directly involved in the skin care routine. Most products require some sort of application method, whether that be rubbing, spraying, rolling, soaking, or steaming and all stimulate the senses. The nerve endings in our skin send soothing messages to the brain. The texture of a product can either make or break it and both oils (avocado, coconut, apricot, hemp) and butters (kokum, cocoa, mango, shea) have very tranquilizing textures.

     One way to intentionally practice mindful beauty is to start by reading the ingredient list on your products. In our age of information it is fairly easy to research and increase your knowledge on the purity of your ingredient list. For help with this you can visit The Environmental Working Group Organization is known for reliable and up-to-date information on the toxicity levels of each ingredient listed and one can commonly find this and more information on a google search of the specific ingredient.

      Practicing your beauty techniques slowly and intentionally is a great first step to achieving mindful beauty. Keeping your mind present in the moment (touching, feeling, smelling) and focusing on each movement will guide you through your practice, allowing you to appreciate each and every step of your skin care routine. From a mental perspective, effective methods for channeling your headspace might include meditating, deep breathing, conscious visualization, or listening to a guided meditation. For guided online meditation services, we love the Headspace app and you can go to or and search “guided meditation for relaxation”. In terms of physical methods for channeling your headspace, one might find it effective to gently apply products containing essential oils, which work with the limbic system in the brain to support the emotional center, onto their pressure points (temples, behind the ear, or on the wrists). They might even immerse themselves in a warm bath containing essential oil based products.

    We want you to love the act of caring for your skin. We encourage you to use these techniques in order to make your sacred moments of self-care meaningful, engaging, and relaxing. Engaging in a self care ritual or routine increases our connection to self and thus encourages is the act of self-love!!!


In all things beauty,

    -Vibe Botanics