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The Art of Bathing



Today, more people are focusing their attention on health than ever before, and bathing seems to be catching on as an effective self-care ritual. However, baths are no new phenomenon. The act of bathing dates way back to ancient times, when the Romans created their famous Roman Baths complex. In this context, bathing was seen as a social ritual while aiding in wellness, where numerous people would congregate in large, lavish, communal baths. Still to this day, these ancient baths exist all over Europe. They maintain popularity as a frequent tourist attraction.

     Unfortunately, amidst our busy lives, bathing often gets overlooked and pushed to the bottom of our lengthy “to-do” lists. This is disappointing considering it is one of the most powerful forms of self-care – relieving muscle aches and tension, while soothing and relaxing the entire body. Our skin is our largest organ, and baths are one of the few occasions when nearly every inch of our skin is able to be submerged in soothing warm water. This lights our nerve endings up, sending astoundingly serene messages to the brain. Want to take things a step further? Try adding supplemental oils and all natural products to your beauty bath such as Vibe’s body + bath oils, SWEET DREAMS with Lavender + Chamomile or BALANCE with Rose + Geranium. It is sure to increase your satisfaction, and provide nourishment to every part of your mind + body.

     Here at Vibe, we want you to make a point to take time for yourself. More specifically, we want you to wind down and draw yourself a “beauty bath”. This will induce deep relaxation and is something you can do ritualistically every day, or simply every once in a while when you feel your body screaming for some rejuvenation. Whatever the occasion might be, make a date with yourself. Set the mood, light some candles, turn on your favorite relaxing melodies, and give your body the love it deserves.

     Bathing is an amazing concept because it is so open to user interpretation. Oils, salts, dried or live botanicals, moisturizers, and hydrators can all be added to a bath. They concentrate the waters with nourishing vitamins + minerals that transform and enhance the bathing experience leaving your skin and senses enveloped in self-love. Bath salts are a very common additive, as they help restore the minerals in your skin while balancing all of your body’s systems from the outside in. If you are a beginner at the bathing experience, we recommend you start here. We have made accessing bath salts much more accessible by combining them with special botanicals and oils to create our Bath Soaks.  Explore Vibe’s line of bath products featuring three versions of mineral bath soaks; Energize, Relax, Restore and Soothe Bath Soak infused with organic oats. Each contains its own unique benefits, while managing to feel and smell remarkable at the same time. It also features our all natural Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles. Our Bath Bombs are made from all natural ingredients and skin silkening kaolin clay, while our Bath Truffles are Shea and Cocoa butter based, and are chalked full of nourishing and moisturizing botanical compounds.

     Our hope is that you might take this knowledge and utilize it to create your best “beauty bath” ever. We want you to set intention and make your bath time ritual cleansing for both the body and the mind, so that you might leave the tub feeling better than when you stepped into it.


In all things beauty,

     -Vibe Botanics