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CALM Clay Mask + Rosehip
CALM Clay Mask + Rosehip
Vibe Botanics

CALM Clay Mask + Rosehip


A gentle blend of clays and calming floral botanicals formulated to naturally enrich and balance the skin while extracting the dirt and bacteria with minerals such as calcium & magnesium to exfoliate, soften & calm the skin and designed to soothe the Mind + Body.

USES: In small bowl add 1 tsp warm water to 1 tsp clay mask. Mix well to a paste and apply to face and/or neck. Let dry for 5/7 min. Rinse gently with warm water or gently remove with warm wash cloth. Once a week use recommended.

BEAUTY BLEMISH TIP: Can be used as a overnight spot treatment for blemishes and acne by applying a small amount(size of a q-tip) mask with water to the blemish with a q-tip and leaving on overnight to treat and extract the bacteria from the blemish. Do not leave the full face mask on overnight.  

FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Replace water with 1tsp of oil, such as rosehip or olive, and follow same instructions for use. Always do a test patch on small area of skin before use. 

Key Ingredients:  French Pink Clay softens, purifies, balances; Rose calms, Vitamin C; Rosehip Vitamins A, E & A, antioxidants

INGREDIENTS: kaoilin (french pink) clay, kaolin(kaolin) clay, montmorillonite(bentonite) clay, sailx alba(white willow) bark,,Adansonia, rosa(rose) flower, tulipa sylvestris(wild tulip) flower, *rosa canina(rosehip),matricaria chamomilia(chamomile) flower 

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