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BRIGHT Clay Mask
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BRIGHT Clay Mask



A purifying blend of clays and fruit enzymes, high in antioxidants & nutrients along with vitamins b and b6, that help tighten, tone and brighten skin, fight acne and control & balance oily skin.

USE: In small bowl add 1 tsp warm water to 1 tsp clay mask. Mix well to a paste and apply to face and/or neck. Leave mask on until dry(rinse mask immediately upon it drying on the skin. The dry mask should not be left on the skin as it will cause redness and sensitivityand gently rinse to remove mask with warm water or wash cloth. Once a week use recommended. For a hydrating mask mix with jojoba or rosehip oil instead of water.  Not recommended for sensitive skin. 

INGREDIENTS: montmorillonite(bentonite)clay, kaolin(kaolin)clay, fuller(earths)clay, sailx alba(white willow)bark, plukenetia volubilis(sacha inchi) fruit, ananas comosus(pineapple)fruit, mangifera indica(mango)fruit, musa (banana) fruit, adansonia (baobab) fruit


BENTONITE CLAY high in minerals, tones + tightens

PINEAPPLE vitamin b, brightens + lightens

MANGO antioxidant, vitamin c


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