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ROSEWATER Hydrating Mist + Hibiscus
Vibe Botanics

ROSEWATER Hydrating Mist + Hibiscus


A soft and calming botanical blend of a trio of Rose extracts + HIbiscus formulated to hydrate and enrich the skin with vitamin A,B1,B2 and C while delivering antioxidants to stimulate anti-aging benefits designed to soothe and calm the mind + body. 

USES: Lightly spray mist after cleansing or mask to hydrate & tone skin. 

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Rose calms, soothes, vitamin a,b1,b2,c,d

Water Violet anti inflammatory

Hibiscus vitamin c

Rosehip antioxidants 

Ingredients: *rosa damensca(rose)distillate, leucidal(radish root), *hibiscus rosa sinensis(hibiscus) extract, hottonia palustris(water violet) extract, cistus(rock rose) extract, *rosa canina(rosehip)

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