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BERGAMOT essential oil
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BERGAMOT essential oil


Bergamot oil is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit (Citrus bergamia) that grow on bergamot orange trees. Bergamot essential oil is highly touted for its soothing use as an aromatherapy treatment. Bergamot is a  citrusy + vibrant scent with a touch of a floral note.  Linalool and carvacrol are compounds found in bergamot oil. Studies have found that both linalool and carvacrol had analgesic, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory capabilities when used in a variety of methods that included applying it on the skin mixed with a carrier oil. Bergamot essential oil can be irritating to the skin in some people, especially when it is not diluted with a carrier oil.  If an allergic reaction occurs discontinue use and rinse well with water.

Planet: Jupiter

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Bergamot Essence

Bergamot essential oil helps provides protection, prosperity, and happiness. The oil will also help to instill inner confidence and inner courage, by igniting trust in the Divine. Bergamot essential oil will also help one to achieve a greater connection with the Divine, by assisting with the release of unwanted thoughts and emotions.


Cautions: Bergomot oil can cause photosensitivity(sensitivity to sun exposure). Avoid sun exposure after applying.

Size: 15ml (0.5 fl oz)

100% Pure Essential Oil

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