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COPAL RESIN (shorea javanica)
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COPAL RESIN (shorea javanica)



Botanical Name

Shorea Javanica

Description: Copal is tree resin used as a natural incense from the Bursera(elephant) tree. The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl language word copalli, meaning “incense”. Copal is used by a number of indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America as an incense in communal ceremonies for its clearing properties. The resin is burned for its medicinal smoke or it is used to treat skin ailments by infusing into carrier(coconut, avocado) oils. It has a sweet, warm, slightly hypnotic, woody and light aroma.

USES: Use a charcoal disk to melt the resin for a all natural, cleansing incense OR the resin can be infused into a a carrier oil for topical use.

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