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DETOX + Activated Charcoal Set
Vibe Botanics

DETOX + Activated Charcoal Set

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DETOX Cleansing Oil + Activated Charcoal  A blend of botanical extracts formulated with skin nurturing oils & activated charcoal designed to lift dirt and impurities while cleansing the skin leaving it nourished and rich with moisture.

USES: Splash face with warm water, apply cleansing oil & gently massage skin in circular motion for 1 to 2 minutes, gently remove with a dark, warm, wet cloth.Can be used daily to cleanse face or as needed. 

DETOX Toner + Activated Charcoal  A refreshing blend of floral extracts, including orange flower water & honeysuckle, along with activated charcoal to infuse the skin with nutrients, vitamins A, B1 & C  to cleanse and restore hydration while calming the mind + body.

USE: Toner: Apply toner to cotton pad and gently glide over skin to cleanse. No need to rinse.

DETOX Facial Oil Roller + Activated Charcoal A botanical blend of skin nourishing oils, skin softening clay + skin brightening activated charcoal formulated with pure tea tree oil for maximum defense against bacteria helping to balance acne prone skin.

USES: Gently apply roller to face in circular motion after cleansing, toning or misting.

DETOX Vegan Soap Bar + Activated Charcoal Handmade vegan soap formulated with all natural shea butter, activated charcoal and pure tea tree oil designed to cleanse, balance and nourish the skin while soothing the mind + body. Beneficial for acne prone skin. Perfect for the face + body.

USES: Lather soap with water and gently apply to face/body to cleanse. Keep away form eyes, nose or mouth as irritation will occur with contact. Rinse immediately with water if contact occurs. 

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