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FLOWER POWER + DETOX Facial Oil Roller Duo
Vibe Botanics

FLOWER POWER + DETOX Facial Oil Roller Duo

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BOGO! BUY ONE, GET ONE SPECIAL OF THE WEEK! Featured in this months Vogue issue are our Fan Favorites FLOWER POWER + DETOX Facial Oil Rollers! 

FLOWER POWER + Blue Tansy Facial Oil Roller is designed to nurture, protect, moisturize & soothe the skin. Formulated with a blend of 7 exotic flowers and botanic oils that help to even skin tone and soften skin while also promoting harmony + balance.

DETOX + Activated Charcoal Facial Oil Roller is designed to purify, nourish, moisturize and restore the skin. Formulated with all natural antioxidants to help stimulate anti-aging and balance oils in the skin while removing toxins, dirt, damaging bacteria, helping to even the skin tone and fight acne.

USES: After cleansing and toning, gently use roller over skin to apply facial oil to soothe, protect, balance and moisturize.


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