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REJUV + Sandalwood Duo
Vibe Botanics

REJUV + Sandalwood Duo

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REJUV + Sandalwood Soothing Serum A warm and soothing blend of light, fast-absorbing botanical extracts designed to hydrate, soothe and revive dry, tired-looking skin. High in skin nurturing vitamins, skin softening caprylic acid and antioxidants to protect the skin while promoting tranquility in the mind  + body.

USES: After cleansing ,misting or toning apply small amount to face, neck or chest in circular motion until absorbed. Follow with Rejuv Facial Elixer or Sandalwood Moisture Mask.

For all skin types + sensitive skin


ALOE cacium,magnesium + viamains A.C,E and B12

SANDALWOOD decreases inflammation + induces mental tranquility

Rejuv Soothing Serum + Sandalwood 1oz


REJUV + Sandalwood Facial Oil  warm and soothing blend of sandalwood and botanical extracts formulated for deep moisture with hemp and oil from the Tamanu tree designed to help naturally generate new skin cells and reduce inflammation while promoting tranquility in the mind + body.

USES: Lightly massage into face, neck or chest, with finger tips or a beauty stone roller in a upward/outward motion to help stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the skin. 

Suitable for all skin types + sensitive skin. 


SANDALWOOD decreases inflammation + increases mental tranquility

HEMP omega 3 + omega 6, relieves dry skin

FORAHA rejuvenates skin cells

Rejuv Facial Elixer  + Sandalwood 1oz

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