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SANDALWOOD Hydrating Mist
Vibe Botanics

SANDALWOOD Hydrating Mist


Extra succulent for the skin, our SANDALWOOD Hydrating Mis, is formulated with soothing botanical extracts of Australian Sanadalwood(Sanatalum Spicatum), known as a powerful anti inflammatory for skin wellness along with promoting anti aging in mature skin. It is also known for its tranquil + soothing effects to help balance our inner wellness. For all skin types that need a boost of hydration + moisture to keep skin supple + soft and to reduce wrinkles + dry skin. 

USES: Use daily am/pm after cleansing on face as a toner or the body to hydrate the skin before moisturizing or to refresh the skin through out the day.

AROMA: A very soft,  musky + woodsy scent. 

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