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SANDALWOOD Moisturizing Cream
Vibe Botanics

SANDALWOOD Moisturizing Cream


A 24hr moisturizer, our Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream, is formulated with exotic botanical nutrients, such as Australian Sandalwood, known to nourish + soothe the skin with powerful anti inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties. Formulated for deep long lasting moisture and skin health while promoting inner wellness + outer beauty! 

WHAT IT DOES: This moisturizing cream is outstanding for providing daily moisture to leave the skin soft + supple. Relieves dry skin + reduced fine lines as well as promoting inner tranquility.

USE: Apply a small amount of moisturizing cream to face + body after cleansing or misting for 24 hr moisture. 

SCENT: A soft, musky + woodsy scent. 

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