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RELAX Shea Sugar Scrub
Vibe Botanics

RELAX Shea Sugar Scrub

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Say "GOOD BYE" to dry, itchy skin and say "HELLO" to soft, moisturized, hydrated and smooth skin with this 100% all natural botanical blend of skin nourishing shea butter + Lavender! Formulated to softly exfoliate and leave dead, dry skin behind while RELAXing your way into hydrated and deeply moisturized skin with raw shea butter that relieves dry skin for 24hrs and relaxes & calms the mind + body.

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Shea Butter vitamin a & e, deep moisture

Lavender anti-bacterial, helps relax body + mind

Rosehip antioxidant, protects skin from environmental pollutions

Evening Primrose helps balance hormones and soothe pre menstrual symptoms

Neroli anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin

USE: Remove small amount of sugar scrub from container with scoop and place in hand. Mix with small amount of water and gently apply to skin.




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