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SWEET DREAMS Moisturizing Lotion Bar
Vibe Botanics

SWEET DREAMS Moisturizing Lotion Bar


A consciously crafted botanical blend of Kokum Butter + Blue Tansy + Lavender designed to glide effortlessly across skin with its silky smooth texture while restoring moisture and calming the mind + body.

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Lavender anti-bacterial, helps relax body + mind

Blue Tansy anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, calms + soothes

INGREDIENTS: *cocos nucifera(coconut) pulp, *beeswax, *garcinia indica(kokum) butter, *lavandula angustifolia(lavender) extract, *matricaria chamomilla(chamomile), *cocos nuciferas(coconut)co2 extract, *vanilla planifolia(vanilla) extract

USES: Gently glide lotion bar over dry skin or apply to wet warm skin after shower or bath.


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